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The Bright Place serves as the training and development division of DH Global Consulting Group, dedicated to illuminating the professional journeys of all employees. As an integral part of our mission, Make the Workplace Bright, we offer tailored programs designed to empower individuals at every level of their career.


 From dynamic workshops to captivating keynotes, our mission is to inject joy and enthusiasm into the learning journey. We aim to cultivate a culture of advancement, creativity, and top-notch performance within organizations, providing each employee with the platform to excel in their role. Through our extensive training programs, we endeavor to nurture a culture of growth, innovation, and excellence, ensuring every member of the team has the chance to flourish. At The Bright Place™, we're dedicated to lighting up the path to success and brightening workplaces for everyone.

Our Why

At the core of our mission is the elevation of the human experience, guiding individuals and teams to discover their purpose and unlock their utmost potential. With a focus on psychological safety and wellness, we foster a symbiotic relationship between organizations and individuals, where both flourish together. By supporting personal growth and development, we enable organizations to achieve their desired outcomes while nurturing thriving environments for all.

Young People at a Workshop
Laughing During a Meeting

Our What

We represent the forefront of enterprise learning and leadership development, offering innovative solutions that integrate experiential learning, cutting-edge technology, and yearlong development paths. With our programs tailored to professionals and leaders at every level, we revolutionize the approach to work, enhancing productivity and performance. By combining proven mindsets and methodologies with practical systems and technologies, we guarantee your success. Our programs empower individuals to expand their capacity and capabilities through action, habit formation, mindset cultivation, focus, and effective prioritization.

Our How

We offer an integrated learning approach that delivers practical, powerful, and instant results by blending theory, science, belief, and behavior transformation. Committed to service, we support nonprofits like the Junior League and Play Like a Girl, empowering women and girls worldwide.

Classmates in the Library
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Our Services & Programs

We offer a diverse range of transformative initiatives aimed at elevating your organization and fostering a culture of excellence. From our flagship programs such as Advantage, Foundational, Leading, to Skill Mastery, Strategic Consulting and Keynotes, each offering is tailored to address the unique needs of modern workplaces.

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Our customized coaching services cater to everyone from individual contributors and teams to managers and executives, providing support throughout their professional journeys.

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Skill Mastery

Our Skill Mastery Framework provides tailored resources and a flexible platform for individuals to enhance their skills, fostering a culture of lifelong learning within the organization.

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Our Fundamental Framework offers dynamic workshops tailored to address key organizational challenges, providing versatile solutions for thriving in the workplace. 

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Our consulting services encompass a comprehensive approach to organizational improvement, involving in-depth analysis, and strategic interventions to the unique needs of the organization.

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Our Leading Framework offers a comprehensive approach to tackling the most pressing challenges faced by leaders, ensuring sustained success and growth.

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Step into a world of inspiration with Dr. Hamaria's captivating keynote address. With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, as she delivers a thought-provoking and empowering speech. 

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