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Dr. Hamaria Make the Workplace Bright
I am Dr. Hamaria Bio

As a dynamic keynote speaker, IO Psychologist, and certified ICF coach, driven by a personal journey of triumph over workplace toxicity. With a fervent dedication to empowering individuals and organizations, Dr. Hamaria specializes in guiding others through workplace challenges, fostering psychological safety, and promoting wellness in every aspect of work life.

Motivated by alarming statistics highlighting the prevalence of damaging work environments, Dr. Hamaria founded DH Global Consulting Group to enact positive change. Committed to the mission of creating healthier workplaces for all, we host impactful workshops and keynotes aimed at dismantling barriers within organizations. We also offer coaching and self pace learning for individuals. Together, let’s embark on a journey to make the workplace bright™!

As an award-winning author and keynote speaker on topics such as organizational culture, inclusion, mindset management, and being true to yourself, Dr. Hamaria has worked with corporations, non-profits, higher education, and various industries, including military, healthcare, education, government, retail, and technology. Her empowerment of individuals to focus on their strengths and characteristics that allow them to thrive in their personal and professional lives makes her a highly respected thought leader in the field of organizational leadership.


Dr. Hamaria received her doctorate degree from Capella University in human services with a concentration in industrial organizational psychology. She holds a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree from Eastern Illinois University in family and consumer science and psychology.

Making Humanity Bright

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