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"Believe that there's light at the end of the tunnel. Believe that you might be that light for someone else."

-  Kobi Yamada 

Planet Made of Plastic

We're Making Humanity Popular

In our leadership and organizational development division, known as the Bright Place™, we understand the interconnectedness between organizations and individuals. At Bright Place, we recognize that people are at the heart of every workplace, and empowering them is key to achieving remarkable success. In today's diverse and dynamic workforce, traditional views of work and employees no longer suffice. That's why we advocate for a fresh perspective—one that embraces flexibility, creativity, innovation, and meaningful work. By fostering environments where individuals can thrive, we're not just making the workplace bright™, but also making humanity popular.

A New Outlook 

At Bright Place, we envision a world where organizations and individuals illuminate each other's paths to greatness. We believe that organizations flourish when they empower their people, just as individuals thrive in environments that nurture their growth. Through our transformative learning and leadership development programs, we light the way for individuals to enhance their performance and development, thus enabling organizations to reach their desired outcomes and shine brightly in their endeavors. We firmly believe that organizations thrive when their people flourish, and reciprocally, individuals excel in supportive organizational environments.

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Our Services & Programs

We offer a diverse range of transformative initiatives aimed at elevating your organization and fostering a culture of excellence. From our flagship programs such as Advantage, Foundational, Leading, to Skill Mastery, Strategic Consulting and Keynotes, each offering is tailored to address the unique needs of modern workplaces.


Our customized coaching services cater to everyone from individual contributors and teams to managers and executives, providing support throughout their professional journeys.


Our Foundational Framework offers dynamic workshops tailored to address key organizational challenges, providing versatile solutions for thriving in the workplace. 

Skill Mastery

Our Skill Mastery Framework provides tailored resources and a flexible platform for individuals to enhance their skills, fostering a culture of lifelong learning within the organization.


Our leading framework offers a comprehensive approach to tackling the most pressing challenges faced by leaders, ensuring sustained success and growth.


Our consulting services encompass a comprehensive approach to organizational improvement, involving in-depth analysis, and strategic interventions to the unique needs of the organization.


Step into a world of inspiration with Dr. Hamaria's captivating keynote address. With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, as she delivers a thought-provoking and empowering speech. 

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Something Kinda New 

We're pioneering a new discussion on achieving exceptional results. By fostering an environment that nurtures individual potential and resilience, we've empowered countless individuals in organizations worldwide, irrespective of their size. Join us in exploring our expertise, as we strive to create a workplace atmosphere that elevates everyone's career trajectory, fosters retention, and amplifies enthusiasm, loyalty, and productivity.


Performance and Development Fusion

Our comprehensive portfolio seamlessly integrates employee performance and development, drawing from over 20 years of expertise in understanding the human brain and crafting effective strategies. By blending unique content with cutting-edge tools, processes, and technology, we foster productive behaviors and mindsets. With a focus on four key areas crucial for achieving optimal results, our Performance Portfolio connects the dots to empower clients to excel both individually and as organizations.

Adapting to your own authenticity. TEDx

Tune in as Dr. Hamaria unveils the key elements for brightening the workplace in her captivating TEDx talk, "Adapting To Your Own Authenticity." Drawing parallels between life and a garden, she seamlessly blends Positive Psychology and Industrial-Organizational Psychology to transform your organizational landscape. Get ready to embark on a journey of empowerment and innovation with Dr. Hamaria!



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