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We assist both survivors of toxic workplaces and organizations in improving their psychological safety and wellness. Our dual mission aims to revitalize your workplace into a vibrant center of well-being and productivity using our exclusive approach. Our secret sauce, serve as the catalyst for reducing work-related stress, resulting in substantial cost savings for businesses annually. Partnering with us ensures a remarkable increase in employee engagement. Consider this as a novel perspective to enhance the overall health and wellness of your organization. Sometimes, achieving transformative change requires more than just meditation and a gym membership. Are you ready to elevate your workplace? Embrace Making thee Workplace Bright™ for a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce!

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For Individuals 

For those who have navigated toxic workplaces and emerged as survivors or thrivers, we offer career and business coaching, along with self-paced learning options tailored to your needs.

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For Organizations

For organizations seeking to enhance psychological safety and cultivate a vibrant workplace environment, we offer tailored solutions to help you achieve your goal.

We Make the Workplace Bright™ by cultivating a workplace vibe that enhances everyone's career game, reducing goodbyes and boosting excitement, loyalty, and overall productivity. Our offerings include online and in-person workshops, speaker keynotes, coaching, and leadership consulting tailored for small businesses and corporations.

We specialize in dismantling barriers, fostering positive working environments, and bringing brilliance back to your professional journey. Illuminate your organization with our innovative assessments, engaging workshops, and inspiring keynotes, paving the way for organizational transformation.

Here's a glimpse into our previous clients, speaking engagements, and partnerships.

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Adapting to your own authenticity. TEDx

Tune in as Dr. Hamaria unveils the key elements for brightening the workplace in her captivating TEDx talk, "Adapting To Your Own Authenticity." Drawing parallels between life and a garden, she seamlessly blends Positive Psychology and Industrial-Organizational Psychology to transform your organizational landscape. Get ready to embark on a journey of empowerment and innovation with Dr. Hamaria!



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