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Black Woman's Anthology 

Your story could inspire the next generation of women!  We're thrilled to announce the opportunity to contribute to the Black Girl, White Collar™ anthology – a place for women to share their tales of perseverance, success, and lessons learned.

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Where did you get this idea?

Hello everyone! I'm Dr. Hamaria, and I'm thrilled to announce that Black Girl, White Collar,™ is finally becoming a reality! With over 20 years of experience in the workplace, I've had my share of ups and downs, which inspired me to write about it. As I shared my idea with friends, I discovered they had similar experiences and wanted to join in. So here we are, extending the invitation to all of you. 


This anthology aims to highlight the diverse experiences of black women in corporate settings—how we've tackled challenges, stayed true to ourselves (or not), and evolved into the individuals we are today. Join us as we share our stories and inspire others along the way.

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In this collaborative effort, you'll share your professional insights and personal experiences to guide others through challenges such as toxic workplaces, psychological safety, mental health, workplace PTSD, methods to improve corporate culture, or strategies to tackle systemic racism.

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Who should seize this opportunity?


Women excelling in their industries and paving a way in their area and ready to share their story. 


Women who've overcome hurdles to achieve success and ready to be an inspiration to others.


Women ready to leave a lasting legacy, allowing future generations to learn from your experiences and insights. 

By contributing, you'll:


Connect with a network of accomplished professionals


Showcase your unique insights and experiences


Gain access to exclusive collaboration opportunities


Elevate your personal brand and inspire others

What's included in your investment? 


Your investment includes a wealth of valuable resources:

LinkedIn Live Sessions

Engage in live discussions and networking opportunities to elevate your presence.

Collaboration with Fellow Writers

Connect with like-minded individuals, fostering growth and mutual support.

Customized Landing Page

Showcase your story on a personalized platform, enhancing your visibility.

Author's copy

Each author will receive one copy of the book as part of this investment.

Press Release

Crafted press releases to generate buzz.

Copies of the Anthology at Cost

Access physical copies of the anthology at production cost, facilitating distribution.

Strategies to Upscale Your Book Sales

Learn proven tactics to boost your book's sales and expand your audience reach.

Publicist Checklist 

A tailored checklist from a sought after publicist to aid you in building your personal brand as an author.

Collaborate with a globally recognized editor and publisher

Partner with an esteemed editor and publisher renowned for their expertise and global recognition.

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  • What's next?
    Simply complete the form, and upon approval, you'll receive an invitation to participate. Once selected, you'll join our online community channel to connect with other authors. Plus, we'll schedule a kickoff call to dive into the details.
  • Is there a schedule that you have in mind?
    Month 1: Recruit Authors We'll open up the opportunity for potential authors and invite them to participate in the anthology. This month is dedicated to assembling a diverse group of contributors who are eager to share their stories. Month 2 - 3: Write Chapter Authors will have these months to craft their chapters, sharing their experiences and insights on overcoming workplace challenges. It's a time for reflection, storytelling, and putting words to paper. Month 4: Edit Chapters Once all chapters are submitted, our editing team will review and refine each one. This month is dedicated to polishing the content, ensuring clarity, coherence, and alignment with the anthology's theme. Month 4: Launch Book The moment we've all been waiting for! The anthology will be officially launched, showcasing the collective wisdom and resilience of our contributors. Stay tuned for the release date, which will be announced during the editing process.
  • Will I retain the rights to my material once I submit it to the anthology?
    You will not be asked to sign over ownership of copyright for the individual works included in the anthology. We will also not ask for the “collective work” copyright.
  • Who will handle the publishing and editing of this book?
    We have a dedicated team that will oversee both the editing and publishing processes for this book.
  • What's the revenue split?
    Our aim is to maximize your revenue potential, which is why upon release, only physical copies will be offered. Book orders will be fulfilled at cost and shipped directly to you or your readers. While the anthology may appear on Amazon, we won't guide readers there for purchases; instead, we'll direct everyone to a central landing page featuring bios of all authors.
  • What is the total cost?
    The total cost to participate in the anthology is $199, plus a 3% processing fee. This investment includes access to a range of benefits, including LinkedIn Live sessions, collaboration opportunities, a new release email blast, a customized landing page, understanding the sales/marketing funnel, press release support, copies of the anthology at cost, and strategies to upscale your book sales. We believe this investment offers great value in helping you showcase your insights, connect with a network of accomplished professionals, increase your personal brand, and inspire others facing similar struggles with your example.
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